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Popolini LogoPopolini (sometimes called Popolino) are an Austrian manufacturer of reusable nappies. Their range is broad and varied, including sized and birth to potty nappies, nappy wraps, nappy liners, boosters and other useful nappy accessories. They also make muslin squares, prefolds and terries.

Plush Pants has been a Popolini stockist for many many years now. The products are mostly manufactured in Europe and have attracted a strong following. Our range includes:

Popolini One Size Washable NappyPopolini One Size Nappy - a birth to potty cloth nappy which is often compared to the Mother-ease One Size, however differs in that it has 8 poppers to fasten across the front, compared to 6 on the Mother-ease. The Popolini One Size is stocked in unbleached (also called "soft"), or organic cotton, and can be ordered in bamboo or coloured cotton if preferred.

Popolini Two Size Organic Cotton NappyPopolini Two Size Organic - as the name suggests this nappy comes in 2 sizes, the smaller one fitting from around birth to about 20lbs, and the larger size fitting from 20lbs to potty training. It is made from Organic unbleached terry cotton and fastens at the hip with poppers (a bit like the Mother-ease Sandy's).

Popolini Easyfix All in One Washable NappyPopolini Easyfix Nappy - an all in one nappy available in 2 sizes (small or large), stocked in the popular "beetles" design. Cleverly designed with faster drying materials and a removable booster, this nappy offers good absorbency for an all in one, even coping at night.

Iobio Organic Terry Squares - Popolini also manufacture the Iobio brand, and we carry their Organic Terry Squares which come in 2 main sizes. Lovely thick creamy organic cotton terry is used to make these terries, so they really are a touch of luxury and very absorbent.

Muslin Squares - we offer Popolini Muslin Squares in plain white/unbleached muslin, or packs of patterned muslins. Customers prefer the stronger, thicker texture and generous size of these muslins to those commonly found on the high street.

Popolini Popo WrapPopo Wrap - our best selling Popolini Wrap, the Popo fastens with aplix, comes in 5 sizes (most babies only need 3) and 3 colour options, and is versatile enough to use over any cloth nappy.

Popolini Vento Wrap - a good performing popper fastening wrap, which we've found very good in use, but has never quite achieved the popularity of it's main rival, the Mother-ease Air Flow, therefore we are selling off existing stock and this will become a special order item in future. We still love it though!

Popolini Ultra Cellulose Biodegradable Nappy LinersUltra Cellulose Liners - resembling a large toilet roll, these popular liners are extra thick, and will survive a few washes, making them a very economical choice. They also cope extremely well with pre-weaned baby poo or with any baby who tends to do explosions in the nappy. Can double up as emergency baby wipes if you wet them.

Popolini Popli Flushable Nappy LinersPopli Flushable Liners - single use nappy liners, will not fall apart in the wash but aren't designed to be re-used. Supplied in a handy box.

Bourette Silk Liners - raw silk liners which are ideal for use with nappy rash, the raw silk is healing and soothing. Available in 2 sizes and always in stock for quick delivery.

Nappy Boosters - we stock a range of Popolini nappy boosters, the most popular being the Ultrafit terry boosters - these are slim, absorbent terry boosters available in cotton or organic cotton. We also have replacement One Size boosters in stock.

One Size Extenders - These nifty little extenders allow the Popolini or Mother-ease One Size nappies to be widened at the waist on chubbier babies, if the nappy is outgrown. Most babies slim down once they start walking so this may be a temporary phase.

Popolini Cotton Breast Pads - nursing mums report that Popolini Cotton breast pads are a real asset, being absorbent, soft, gentle and of course washable.

Popolini Nappy Mesh - a zip fastening laundry mesh, ideal for use with washable nappies, and can also double up for use with any laundry item that needs special care.

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