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Menstrual Products
Menstrual products that are practical AND pretty? I offer beautiful washable natural cotton menstrual pads (I personally dislike the term sanitary towels!) from Wemoon, and also reusable internal menstrual products - the Mooncup, and Moon Times menstrual sea sponges.

TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME you may have heard about tampon related TSS. Thankfully it's relatively rare, however it is a risk that every girl and woman should take seriously, as it can be fatal, or have long term health effects. None of the products I offer have been associated with TSS, or Toxic Shock Syndrome. You can find out more about this subject at Alice Kilvert Tampon Alert.

Just a quick word about this whole thing, though. When I first read about reusable sanitary pads and menstrual products, especially the internal ones, they were quite a way down the road labelled "Too Weird For Me!". I have to say that it took less time for me to get my head round this idea than I thought it would, though. After all, at any given time there will be far more women menstruating and disposing of the sanitary towels and products they use, than having babies and disposing of their nappies. One woman will use around 10,000 disposable sanitary products in her lifetime. And disposable menstrual products either go into landfill or into the sewage system - where they don't degrade and cause all sorts of trouble - 75% of blocked drains in the UK are caused by sanitary products! Add to this the amount you spend on disposable menstrual or sanitary products month on month and come on girls - there has got to be a better way!

Here are some eccentric things for you to think about: I'm not claiming these as objective, scientific fact but they do reflect my experience of using reusable sanitary products, and the experiences of other women to whom I've spoken about this.

Using natural menstrual products - whether Wemoon Menstrual Pads, Sea Sponges or Mooncups - many of my customers find that their periods seem to be lighter and less painful. I think this is because they don't contain the super-absorbers of disposable sanitary towels and tampons, which I think draw all fluids out of the vaginal area - both menstrual blood and natural vaginal lubricant and cleansing fluid. To me, it seems logical to suppose that a chemical which 'draws fluid out' of you both hastens the flowing process - think of the speed ink is absorbed by blotting paper, and then the speed it's absorbed by ordinary paper; and at the same time this 'drawing out' must leave your vaginal environment dry - which is not its ordinary state. I believe it's logical to suppose that these processes could be uncomfortable.

None of the natural menstrual products here contain anything which will 'draw' anything from you. They will simply catch your natural menstrual flow, and both the Wemoon Natural Menstrual Pads and Mooncups will leave your natural vaginal environment entirely unchanged. It's a far more comfortable experience!

For a wider range of reusable menstrual products and reusable sanitary towels, visit Earthwise Girls, where the Natracare organic disposable range is also stocked.

I've recently set up a Facebook group to help promote the whole eco-sanpro issue, which you can visit and join here.

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